Why We Worship

The Gospel

God created the world to be the perfect place for humans to live in loving fellowship with Him and true community with one another. However, we rebelled against God and all of creation fell into sin and brokenness. The Gospel is the work of God, by His grace, saving His people from their rebellion against Him and the brokenness of the world and restoring them to a true community of loving fellowship with Him and one another. Our worship of God is our grateful response to His gracious, saving work in the Gospel.


Financially Supporting True Community Fellowship

True Community Fellowship, is a church plant of the PCA called to proclaim the Gospel to Kirksville, MO and its surrounding communities. The generous donations of ministry partners is essential to financially supports this work.

There are many ways to financially support True Community Fellowship. All donations are administered by the PCA Mission to North America to ensure proper accountability and integrity in the donation process. There are no fees charged by MNA for these services so 100% of your contribution goes directly to support the ministry of True Community Fellowship.

Spread the Word

Telling Others About True Community Fellowship

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Praying for True Community Fellowship

Please join us in praying for the LORD to bless the ministry of True Community Fellowship in the following ways:

Our Ministry Vision and Mission

The LORD's Calling for True Community Fellowship

Through prayerful submission to the LORD's specific calling for True Community Fellowship, we endeavor to plant a church of the Presbyterian Church in America serving the communities in and around Kirksville, MO. We commit ourselves to this work through faith in Christ and humble reliance on the ministry of the Holy Spirit for the glory and honor of the LORD our God.


Our Church Planter

Patrick Weston

Contact Patrick Weston at patrick@truecommunitykv.org

Who We Are

Our City and Denomination

True Community Fellowship is a church plant of the Presbyterian Church in America serving Kirksville, MO and its surrounding communities.

What We Believe

What We Believe, Teach, and Live

The Westminster Standards comprised of the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter catechisms, though not inerrant nor infallible, are the purest human summary of Biblical truth. For a more comprehensive understanding of the Biblical truth that we believe, read the Westminster Standards.

Welcome to True Community Fellowship

Our Church Planter

Get to Know Patrick Weston

Patrick and Jeannie are grateful recipients of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and rejoice in the privilege to share the Gospel with others.

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A Place for You

Glorifying God as We Love the LORD and One Another

We desire to grow in faith and love as a true community of worshipers of the LORD and serve our community for His glory. If you are longing for a church home where you can grow and serve, True Community Fellowship is a place for you.

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Saddle Up for a Great Adventure

Be Part of Our Church Planting Community

Planting a church takes a dedicated community of supporters and we would love to have you be part of that community.

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Bound - Exalted Through Humility

Pastor Patrick continues the Grace4All series Bound.